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When Ordering a Commission Item or Wedding Accessories
Calligraphic art work is very personal, not only for the calligrapher / artist, but also for the client. Therefore, quite often one cannot always put a "price" on a piece of this type of art. I do my best to price items that are fair to both the client and my work.

The art of writing calligraphy gives form to symbols or signs and other artwork and lettering that can be humerous or serious and yet works that are skillfully produced.

Calligraphic lettering styles can be an Italic, Script (Copperplate or Spencerian), Uncial, Chancery, Foundational, various Roman styles, even "funky" or whimsical styles of lettering which has evolved over many centuries.

When accepting a commission for any type of calligraphy, not only do I do my best to create works that fit one's personal choice of home or office setting, but I do my best to create memorable wedding or other special occasion invitations, menus, place cards and table cards, envelopes, sayings, quotes and prayers, resolutions and marriage contracts.

When creating special keepsakes I attempt to learn something about the person or persons and create a work that embrases their favorite color or colors, symbols, flowers or other meaningful art.

about calligraphy
Email your idea and/or other accompanying artwork to me as a .jpeg, .png, or .gif file. Send a soft copy (electronic) copy of your text and I will quote by the word or line depdending upon the type of work.

If sending guest lists, please alphabitize the list and have the names that go on the inner envelope two spaces below the outer envelope's addressee.

When giving me a guest list I prefer an electronic copy of the list.

I am not responsible for returned mail. Therefore please verify that all addresses are correct before giving me your list.

Thank you.
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